2000 Sydney Olympics Shooting Double Trap Champion Richard Faulds is this week’s guest on the ‘Best in the World with Richard Parr’.

Don’t worry if you are not sure what ‘double trap’ is, Richard explains it in the podcast!

Some very interesting discussions on psychology on this week’s show including what went through the mind of Richard’s opponent Russell Mark in the 2000 Olympic final.

Faulds also talks about the pressure of being a defending champion, why competition is just as important as practice and why a “little and often” amount of training is the most productive.

Richard also tells the story of how his PE teacher once put in his school report that he didn’t have very good hand-eye coordination!

Richard currently runs the Owls Lodge Shooting School with his wife Tanyahttp://www.owlslodgeshootingschool.co.uk/.

You can follow Richard Faulds on Twitter @tanyanrichard.

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