It’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog and thought I’d finally make another post.

First of all I want to thank all of you who have been downloading and listening to the podcast: ‘Best in the World with Richard Parr’. After a little break the podcast has been back for the last five weeks and we are getting more and more listeners every week, so thank you.

If you like the show, I would really appreciate it if you could Rate and Review it on iTunes.

Yet another Olympic Champion will be on the podcast this Wednesday. We get a fascinating insight on what goes through the mind of an Olympic Champion when they are defending their title. It’s really useful information for any reigning champions heading to Rio. Keep across the blog over the next couple of days to find out who the guest is!

I’ve been trying lots of new methods on spreading the reach of the podcast. Along with iTunes and Stitcher, we are now also on Soundcloud. And in the last few days I’ve learnt about Clammr. It’s a new app that is trying to be like Instagram but for audio. I’ve had fun playing around with it and have started to put up the best 24 seconds from each of our previous 22 podcast episodes.

We can never stop learning from our incredible guests who have been World Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, World Number Ones or World Record Holders.

So I’ve started to collate all of their best social media posts using a cool app called It produces online newspapers featuring all of the best posts. I’ll be posting a new paper called the ‘Best in the World with Richard Parr News' every day.

Let me know what you think of that @richard_parr on Twitter or on the Facebook page. Also please get in touch if you have any thoughts on the podcast or any guests you’d love to learn from on the show.

I’m planning to be more active on the blog so please stay tuned to I promise it won't be another six months before I post again!